IDS-2 Closure Ceremony

The Second Interdisciplinary Design Studio (IDS2) had come to an end with a glorious closing ceremony on April 1st at the METU Culture and Convention Center. IDS2, an extra-curricular activity organized by METU Design Factory, aimed to bring faculty and students to work on interdisciplinary collaborative projects for eight weeks. Thirty-eight students and twelve faculty from various departments attended the IDS2. Six student teams were established and each one was given a problem or a concept to address by industry partners. The six industry and NGO partners are as follows: Arcelik, BAMA, Eczacibasi, FNSS, Roketsan, and the Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (SGDD).

At the closing ceremony, each team made a presentation and demo for 10 minutes, which was followed by a five-minute critique by Prof. Arzu Gonenc Sorguc (Dept. of Architecture), Asso. Dr. Adil Oran (Dept. of Business), and Hanzade Cicek (Vice President for METU-Technopolis).

ATOK team’s project, sponsored by FNSS, was designing a leverage & rail mechanism for armored vehicles to cross trenches and ditches. Eczacibasi sponsored Dustbusters to develop a robotic mechanism to clean shower trays. The challenge of sleeping in microgravity was tackled by Feza-i Azrak, sponsored by Roketsan, by creating a sleep pod utilizing centripetal acceleration. There were social responsibility projects as well. Harmony, designed a portable empathy room to raise awareness of asylum seekers in Turkey and SGDD’s activities on the matter. Nos Curabit, supported by BAMA, developed a rehabilitation and exercise ball for children between 3 and 6 years old who are suffering from cerebral palsy and juvenile arthritis. PiHola focused on user experience research. Sponsored by Arcelik, they developed “sense frame”, which is a module to capture the user experience in their natural environment and conducts data mining on the collective datasets.

After the group presentations Prof. Volkan Atalay, Vice President of METU, thanked the sponsors for their contributions to the DTS2. The closing ceremony ended with a reception and exhibition where the student groups demonstrated their models and prototypes to the guests.


17:00 – Introduction

17:15 – Project presentations

18:45 – Thanks to sponsors & supporters

19:00 – Reception & Exhibition

DTS-2 Technology Partner

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