Design Factory

METU Design Factory aims to catalyze interactions among researchers and students from design studies, engineering sciences, social sciences, and other related fields in order to develop new and innovative products. The main goal of METU DF is to offer an inspiring and encouraging environment for interdisciplinary collaboration, where both academics and students from various disciplines work together using the space and production infrastructure provided. The center has rapid-prototyping and product development infrastructure. It serves to internal and external stakeholders’ education, research, development, implementation, and technology transfer needs. Furthermore, through DF’s infrastructure, the knowledge generated at the university is going to be transformed into prototype and product.


METU DF brings together interdisciplinary student teams from design, engineering, and business disciplines to develop innovative product ideas and prototypes through extra-curricular program.


METU DF develops and implements applied projects on design, technology, and innovation fields with the latest production methods.


METU DF provides rapid prototyping and product development infrastructure to relevant departments at the university.


Thank you to all of our supporters who are working with us in the most challenging design and engineering problems.

First Steps

January 2015

METU Design Factory was founded with the support from the Ministry of Development. Researchers from a variety of disciplines came together to work on the equipment infrastructure.

September 2015

Interdisciplinary Design Studio, in which interdisciplinary students teams work on design problems, was organized. At the end of four week, students developed detailed designs of “emergency” themed products.

January 2016

Second Interdisciplinary Design Studio was organized. With the inclusion industry and NGOs are commercial and societal design problems was addressed by interdisciplinary teams.


METU DF is working on new projects in order to share its expertise and knowledge with all of its stakeholders.

News from METU DF

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